Thursday's instalment of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" was an emotional one as it saw former couple Callie [Sara Ramirez] and Arizona [Jessica Capshaw] fighting over Sofia's custody. Callie wanted to take their daughter and move away to the East Coast to start a new life with Penny. But Arizona wasn't on board with this plan, and each employed lawyers to represent them in their custody battle, which turned ugly in "Mama Tried."

Although Callie's lawyers slut-shamed Arizona and painted her as someone not fit to take care of Sofia, Arizona's commitment to her job impressed the judge, who granted Sofia's sole custody to Arizona. At the end of the court hearing, a heartbroken Callie was seen clinging on to Meredith and shunning Penny.

What does this mean for Callie's relationship with Penny? Will the two head out to New York or will Callie rethink her romance and decide to stay put in Seattle? If Ramirez is indeed leaving the show, as rumoured, then chances are Callie will go ahead with her plan to move to the East Coast with Penny. But actor Kevin McKidd recently hinted at a beautiful ending to all the tension the Callie-Arizona custody battle brought, sparking rumours that Callie will remain in Seattle.

"After this episode, the aftermath plays out in a really interesting way in the lead-up to the finale," the actor told TVLine. "It gets pretty hairy in this episode. There is animosity. It's not all fluffy and pretty and nice. There are really intense, complicated emotions flying around. But there's a really beautiful payoff in the finale connected to this."

Next week's episode is titled "At Last" and according to the official synopsis, "Amelia and Owen take their relationship to the next level. Alex gains some clarity on his future with Jo and Callie and Arizona continue to struggle with the current custody arrangement."

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays on ABC.