Will Bailey succeed in her role as the new chief of surgery in "Walking Tall'? That's the question that has been plaguing everyone since the promo of the second episode of season 12 aired.

The premiere episode showed Ben urging Bailey to fight her for place as chief of surgery, and she soon floors the board by giving a presentation while simultaneously performing surgery.

"This is not a stepping stone for me. I believe in this hospital and what it can do. And I wanna push this bucket of boats to do the most impossible things you have ever seen. And then I'll do more. Because this is my challenge," she says.

Although she snagged the post, too much power seems to have resulted in the return of "Nazi". Based on the short promo, Bailey's new stint has gone straight to her head, and not everyone is happy with the change in her.

A scene from the promo shows Callie (Sara Ramirez) giving Maggie (Kelly McCreary) all the dirt on how Bailey used to handle new interns. "You know what they used to call her," Callie asks before replying, "The Nazi."

Callie can also be seen begging Owen to take back his role as the chief of surgery. "Can you be chief again," she questions, but Owen walks away.

Viewers also got a glimpse of Bailey's new attitude when Jackson attempts to argue with her. "You're impossible," he says, to which Bailey retorts: "Oh, I know you didn't say impossible."

As for Meredith, the promo did not highlight what's in store for her. But the premiere episode showed the widow trying to move forward by adjusting to her new living arrangement with Amelia and Maggie. She also decided to begin teaching a new class on anatomy.

"Grey's Anatomy" is aired Thursdays on ABC. Season 12 episode 2 titled "Walking Tall" will be aired on 1 October.