Wilmer Valderrama
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The upcoming episode of "Grey's Anatomy" will see Wilmer Valderrama entering Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as a patient, and according to spoilers, he will be interested in one of the doctors attending to him.

Amelia, Penny and Stephanie will be in charge of Valderrama's character Kyle, a musician who checks into Grey Sloan to get a tremor in his hand treated. A teaser for the episode titled "I Wear the Face" shows Kyle commenting that all the doctors at Grey Sloan are hot. The next scene is of him discussing the possibility of going on a date with Stephanie.

"That'll be one hell of a first date," Kyle tells her.

Valderrama has been roped in for multiple episodes, and fans will get an opportunity to see how his relationship with Jerrika Hinton's Stephanie progresses.

Elsewhere in the episode, we'll see Nathan and Owen coming to blows and Meredith being trapped in between them. Fans will also see Catherine interfering in the lives of her son Jackson and her ex daughter-in-law April.

The previous episode of "Grey's Anatomy" saw Catherine befriending April and finding out that the young doctor intentionally withheld news of her pregnancy while signing divorce papers. Catherine will use this information to possibly patch up things between Jackson and April.

"She always has an angle and an agenda, not necessarily malicious, but she's a strategist," actor Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson, said in n a new edition of the podcast Shondaland Revealed. "She's had to carve out her lot in life from being smart and being effective. She might be abrasive, she might not have done it with the particular grace you might have liked, but she's often right."

"Also, she's very anticipatory. Everything with her is getting out ahead of something. She sees what's coming down the road in a couple turns. She's trying to position you for it. You don't see it, so it seems like an overreaction," Williams added.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays on ABC.