The April 7 episode of "Grey's Anatomy" is going to witness a tense moment between Nathan and Owen, who will once again be forced to work together. The episode is titled "I Wear the Face" and according to the episode summary, Meredith will go on an ambulance ride with Owen and Nathan as they set out to pick up a heart for a transplant patient.

It is a given that the two former friends will start bickering, considering Owen still feels that his sister's disappearance was Nathan's fault. But things will start to look up for Nathan eventually, revealed actor Martin Henderson. 

However, Nathan might not be that lucky on the romance front. Although fans have expressed a desire to see Nathan and Meredith romantically involved, it doesn't look like that dream will materialise this season. "I think it's going to be quite slow because of the way it's been set up where Owen's poisoned everyone against him, there's a natural reservation," Henderson told E!News. "I think whatever alliances he forms will be hard-won over a longer period of time. I think the work he's going to have to do earn people's trust and to have those kind of relationships is going to take a while."

Elsewhere in the episode, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will get a new patient in musician Kyle Diaz, who comes to get a tremor in his hand treated. Also, fans will see Catherine interfering in Jackson and April's affairs after she gets to know that her ex daughter-in-law is once again pregnant with her grandchild.

Meanwhile, this Thursday's episode titled "When It Hurts" so bad will see Meredith and Will taking their relationship to the next level. However, Meredith will soon regret her impulsive action, the promo for the episode hinted. Fans will also see Maggie and DeLuca, and Owen and Amelia re-evaluating their relationships.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays on ABC.