"Grey's Anatomy" Season 12 episode 15 titled "I'm Not Waiting Anymore" will see Jackson confronting April for not telling him she was pregnant with their baby.

Episode 11 saw April telling Arizona she was pregnant and this happened shortly after April and Jackson signed their divorce papers. Since then, her colleagues, including Alex, have been urging her to tell Jackson about the baby, but April kept putting it off, saying she did not want to complicate their already-tense relationship.

However, Thursday's episode will see Jackson questioning why he was the last one to know about their baby.

"You didn't want to stay with me," she replied, according to the promo for "I'm Not Waiting Anymore." "You think I want you to stay for my baby and have you hating me for the rest of my life?" Jackson replied that April has already got "a pretty good jump on that."

Will the pregnancy force April and Jackson to get back together? Actress Sarah Drew, who plays April, is still holding on to hopes of a reconciliation. "I always, always, always hold out hope for Japril [Jackson and April]" Drew told TVGuide. "I think there's always hope. Nobody's dead. There's always hope as long as they're both still breathing."

As for who April turns to for support, Drew said her go-to people are Arizona, Riggs and Owen.

The official synopsis reads: "Jackson learns about April's pregnancy, while Alex and the team of doctors handles an hours-long triple-organ transplant surgery. Meredith considers dating again, and Andrew insists on not receiving special treatment after he and Maggie go public."

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