Season 12 Episode 14 of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" is titled "Odd Man Out" and it will see Richard making some changes into the workings of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Reportedly, Richard will switch the resident and attending pairings and this change won't go down well with everyone.

Arizona, in the mean time, will get a high risk patient who is pregnant with quadruplets and according to the synopsis, April will face a difficult task, which could have something to do with her own pregnancy.

April and Jackson finalised their divorce in the episode "Unbreak My Heart" and it was later revealed that she was already pregnant when she signed the divorce papers. Jackson is yet to be told about the pregnancy, and it looks like April might keep the secret to herself a bit longer.

According to actress Sarah Drew, who plays April, the next few episodes is crucial for her character and it will detail the events that lead to her breaking the news to Jackson.

"That's something that we talk about in the next couple of episodes, for sure," Drew told Entertainment Weekly. "The end of this episode is not the end of anything. It is the beginning of a much bigger story. We have a lot of story to tell that is all intertwined in this baby and her decision how, when and if to tell Jackson about the pregnancy, and how all of that comes to light. The next eight episodes, there's a lot of story that happens. This is really just a jumping-off point."

"Grey's Anatomy" is aired Thursdays on ABC. The March 10 episode is titled "All Eyez On Me" and it will see Bailey and her gang being invited to a military hospital to perform a risky surgery.

The synopsis, according to Wikia, reads:

"Meredith, Bailey, Jackson, Callie and Jo travel to a military hospital to perform an extraordinary and extremely risky surgery on a veteran with an advanced tumor. Meanwhile back at Grey Sloan, Andrew is tired of being Maggie's worst kept secret; Ben makes an impulsive surgical decision; and a team of cheerleaders wreak havoc in the ER."