Derek Shepherd is dead and his wife Meredith seems to be ready to move on in life.

When Meredith's shrink asked her if she harboured feelings for fellow colleague Alex Karev, she laughed it off. But it looks like Meredith has been hiding her true feelings and the look on her face when Jo and Alex kissed was an indicator of how much she valued Alex in her life.

Without revealing what's in store for Alex and Meredith in the coming episodes, actress Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith, told Cosmopolitan that it would be interesting to explore why her character doesn't get along with Alex's girlfriend Jo.

"Listen. I said the same thing to [creator Shonda Rhimes], because Meredith seemingly doesn't like Jo. And so I'm not really sure. Camilla and I have really struggled with how to be truthful in these scenes. Why do I not like her? Why am I so hard on her?"

"I never have thoughts about — well, I may have thoughts or opinions in my head, but they don't really matter. Let's say Meredith is going to wind up with Alex's character and I can't reconcile [that]. As difficult as that is for me to wrap my mind around, that would make it interesting if I had to do those scenes," Pompeo noted.

Meanwhile, Thursday's episode titled "My Next Life" will focus on the relationships in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and fans will finally learn if Jo is willing to walk down the aisle with Alex. A promo for the episode also shows April being reluctant to share the news of her pregnancy with Jackson, and Maggie and DeLuca having their first major fight.

"Grey's Anatomy" is aired Thursdays on ABC.