"Grey's Anatomy" is returning for a brand new season on Thursday, 24 September with the episode "Sledgehammer" that will pick up a few months after the events of the season 11 finale.

The episode can be watched online through ABC Live, provided the viewer has a subscription with a participating cable partner. The episode will air at 8 pm EDT on ABC.

As for what to expect in "Sledgehammer", here's what is in store for some of the fan-favourite characters.

Meredith: The last we saw Meredith, she was gearing up to move into her mother's home and move on from the tragedy of losing her husband, Derek Shepherd.
Meredith won't be alone in her struggles. She will have Amelia and Maggie for support as she adjusts to a new life as a single mother. The three of them will be living in Meredith's mother's home, and viewers are going to be treated to some interesting conversations between the sisters.

Jackson-April: Things weren't looking good for Jackson and April when season 11 ended. April found out that her stint in the army as a medical officer was helping her get over the grief of losing her son, and she wanted to continue with it.

However, Jackson wasn't prepared to wait in the sidelines. He gave her an ultimatum, saying he wouldn't wait for her if she left. And season 12 picks up with April in the midst of yet another tour.

"The ramifications are big," Debbie Allen told TVGuide. "They both left with such open wounds, so hurt and wounded from the loss of their child, and just the inability for him to penetrate her walls or to even comfort her. It was just almost impossible for him. ... Nothing is going to get resolved any time soon."

Callie-Arizona: The former couple will get back into the dating game in season 12 , and viewers are going to see them go through various emotions as they realise that their relationship is finally over.
"Even though you've moved on, you're always going to go, 'Well, who is she with? And what is that?' There's going to be questions about that and feelings. Because when there's love, there's always feelings," added Allen.

The official synopsis of the episode reads:

The doctors treat two young girls who have a powerful story; Meredith adjusts to her new roommates; Bailey fights for the chief of surgery position; Jackson readies himself for April's return.