Ever since Patrick Dempsey's Derek Shepherd died on "Grey's Anatomy," fans have been waiting to see who Ellen Pompeo's Meredith will be paired with, and Alex [Justin Chambers] was a frontrunner.

Although the show gave fans hopes of an Alex-Meredith relationship, it looks like the two will remain friends. Pompeo is also not too enthusiastic about the pair getting romantic, and in a recent interview with TVLine, the actress said they share more of a brother-sister relationship.

"I think they're too close… too much like brother and sister," Pompeo said. "I have super-close friends who I'm not romantically attracted to at all. So I think just because you're so in love with someone in one way doesn't mean it's a romantic love. But they certainly do understand each other a lot."

But if showrunner Shonda Rhimes wanted to explore a romance between Alex and Meredith, then Pompeo is game for it. "Ultimately, it doesn't really matter what I think‎," she said. "This is Shonda's show and whatever path she chooses to go down creatively, I'm with her. I'm going to give it my all. I trust her vision. We've been a great team so far."

One of the previous episodes saw Meredith getting back into the dating game by going out with Will Thorpe. But Meredith freaked out after she slept with him and finally conceded that she wasn't ready to date just yet. Will was understanding, and said he was willing to wait for her.

Alex, in the meantime, is making headway with Jo. The past few episodes saw the pair sorting out the glitches in their relationship and they seem to be moving forward to a happy ending. But anything is possible on "Grey's Anatomy" and the Season 12 finale will be one to look out for.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays on ABC. The next few episodes will see both Nathan Riggs [Martin Henderson] and Andrew DeLuca [Giacomo Gianniotti] getting new love interests.