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There is just one more episode to go before the season 11 finale, but it looks like "Grey Anatomy" is not done with disasters and catastrophes.

Thursdays episode titled "Time Stops" will see the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital dealing with yet another catastrophic event, and it remains to be seen if yet another fan favourite character will lose their life.

Photos from the set showed a lot of crushed cars and debris on what looks like a highway, and some fans believe this could be the disaster that's awaiting the doctors at Grey Sloan.

The synopsis of the episode reads: "The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are forced to put their emotions aside when a catastrophic event occurs."

The previous two episodes dealt with Derek's death and his sudden departure affected his colleagues as well as his family. Last Thursday's episode also featured a time jump that ended with Meredith's return to Seattle.

Meanwhile, the official synopsis and title of the finale episode has been revealed, and based on spoilers, the final episode of the season is going to be an emotional one. The finale, titled "You're My Home," is expected to show the doctors at Grey Sloan the need to be there for each other during trying times.

"As the doctors continue to tackle an unfathomable crisis, they are reminded of what is important and brought closer together, on the season finale," the synopsis reads.

Because Derek is dead, speculations are rife that Meredith will lean on her friends for support, and one particular friend could become her love interest as the series moves forward.

Soon after the shock of Derek's death wore off, fans of the show have been shipping Meredith and Alex, and a quite a few believe that romance is in the cards for the pair who has remained friends for more than a decade.

As highlighted in the previous episode, Alex has become Meredith's new "person", and he didn't give up hopes of trying to find her when she disappeared to live out her pregnancy alone. And because anything can happen in Shondaland, fans aren't giving up hopes of seeing Meredith and Alex together as well.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays on ABC.