Grey's Anatomy
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The season 11 premiere of "Grey's Anatomy" is months away, but that has not prevented fans of the medical drama from speculating what's in store for some of their favorite characters.

Spoilers for the upcoming season indicate that things are going to be tense between Meredith and Derek, sparking rumors that the couple might soon be headed for splitsville.

Season 10 ended with Cristina Yang permanently leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for a better future in Switzerland, but not before dishing out some advise to her "person."

Cristina asked Meredith not to follow Derek to Washington and allow her career to come second to her husband's, and this is expected to cause friction between the couple.

"There has been unconfirmed buzz that the duo are about to face one of their more challenging seasons in recent memory, which makes the timing of Cristina's exit horrible for Mer," TVLine's Michael Ausiello wrote.

He also quashed rumors of Meredith dying by stating that Ellen Pompeo's two-year contract with the show makes it unlikely that Shonda Rhimes would chop off her character.

Season 11 will also focus on the relationship between Margaret "Maggie" Pierce, played by Kelly McCreary, and Meredith, as season 10 ended with Pierce revealing that she is Ellis Grey's daughter. From the looks of it, Ellis gave birth to a daughter following her affair with Richard, but later gave her up for adoption.

However, a number of fans have found fault with the storyline, questioning how Meredith failed to notice that her mother was pregnant.

"Because this is Shondaland where time and space don't exist. I am sure she hopes the old viewers will buy it without question. What a ridiculous concept. Plus, they need someone to hook Owen up with so she keeps on theme with the whole blind casting thing," wrote one fan, reacting to the storyline.

Another added: "She left her husband for Richard, but then Richard left her to stay with his wife. They lived on separate sides of the country for a while. My question was how did Meredith now know, or remember, her mother being pregnant??"

Also, Ellis never mentioned about her illegitimate daughter when she wasn't lucid, and this has left fans wondering how Rhimes would explain what is now being considered as a gaping hole in the plot.