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Now that Owen and Amelia are officially an item, it's time to inform their near and dear ones about their relationship. But because it's "Grey's Anatomy" and nothing goes down without some drama, the new pair is expected to face some opposition from Amelia's sister-in-law, Meredith.

As the title of Thursday's episode suggests, "Crazy Love" is going to focus on Amelia and Owen, and here is what the official synopsis says: "Upon realizing that Owen and Amelia have been seeing each other behind her back, Meredith comes down hard on her sister-in-law causing Amelia to rethink things."

The previous episode saw Amelia telling her brother that she was afraid loving Owen would destroy her, to which Derek replies: "It wouldn't be love if it didn't." But will Meredith's intervention prompt Amelia to break up with Owen?

The promo hints at it, as she is heard saying: "I can't do this. This is a mistake." But it's unlikely that their relationship would end even before it got a chance to begin.

It is natural for Meredith to caution Amelia before she jumps into a relationship with Owen, considering Owen's ex, Cristina, was Meredith's best friend. Talking about Meredith's reaction, actress Caterina Scorsone, who plays Derek's sister Amelia in the medical drama, told The Hollywood Reporter that her sister-in-law just wants Amelia to know the significance of Owen's relationship to Cristina.

 "Meredith definitely has some strong feelings about Amelia and Owen's relationship. Amelia really didn't know much about Cristina. She may have met her in passing, but she didn't know much about the relationship between Owen and Cristina and how significant that was. Amelia came to Seattle when Cristina was leaving so she missed out on a lot of that backstory. But Meredith has some very strong feelings about this relationship and Amelia is in this pink cloud of new love or new affection."

Flashback scenes will give viewers yet another chance to revisit the days from the first season where Meredith and Derek started their relationship.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays on ABC.