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Thursday's episode of "Grey's Anatomy" will see Owen and Amelia finally discussing their relationship, and based on spoilers, Amelia and her new beau will discuss Cristina and Owen's bond with his ex wife.

Owen and Amelia's relationship has only started, but before it gets serious Amelia should know the hold Cristina had on her ex husband and what led them to go their separate ways.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Caterina Scorsone said her character Amelia and Kevin McKidd's Owen "have a little bit of a conversation about [Cristina]. I don't think Amelia understands the ins and outs of that whole relationship or how it affected Owen."

"One of the nice things about the connection between Amelia and Owen is that so much of it is an unspoken connection. They know that there are big areas of their lives that are really hard to talk about, so they give each other that space. They've created a vessel and an opportunity for the other person to reveal themselves, but they don't push. Both of them need that because they've been pushed around a lot in their lives with all their traumas," she added.

Based on spoilers, Amelia is also believed to get some dating tips from Alex's girlfriend, Jo. Although she has a steady relationship with Karev now, Jo should be the last person dealing out romance tips, believes actress Camilla Luddington.

"Jo's giving dating advice," Luddington revealed about Thursday's episode during an appearance on "Grey's Anatomy" executive producer Betsy Beers' podcast.

"That's hysterical," Beers added. "I'm excited to see that. Something tells me I'm not sure I want dating advice from Jo."

"I don't know if I would take it, either!" Luddington replied with a laugh.

The official synopsis of the episode titled "When I Grow Up" reads: "A school field trip to the hospital takes a dramatic turn when the kids witness two injured cops enter the emergency room. Meanwhile, Stephanie sets her eyes on one of the chaperones, Callie operates on the leg of the police captain, and Amelia must face her feelings for Owen."