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April and Jackson will get the test results back in the upcoming episode of "Grey's Anatomy," and chances are high that the diagnosis is not what they expected.

The promo for "All I Could Do Was Cry" shows the couple crying and Jackson visiting a church, hinting that their baby might be suffering from the fatal Type-2. This is also expected to cause a lot of friction between the two as Jackson has expressed a desire to terminate the pregnancy if the diagnosis was bad. But being pro-life, April wants the opposite.

Elaborating the characters' dilemma, Sarah Drew, who plays April in the medical drama, said that while Jackson is clear about what he wants to do regarding their baby, it's much more complicated for April.

"For the medical-minded Jackson, this scenario seems pretty clear," Drew told TVGuide. "For April, it is much more unclear. ... For a person of faith who's pro-life, do you wait for a miracle? Do you wait for God to heal this baby, even though it seems a complete medical impossibility? ... Those are the kinds of conversations that could arise once we find out what the diagnosis is."

Drew also told the outlet that April's story was personal in more ways than one, as friends of her parents had to face a similar situation.

"I kind of accidentally pitched it," Drew told TVGuide.. "My parents are pro-life, and I had talked to them about this whole kind of discussion, and they had offered a not so black-and-white reaction to that scenario, that came in the form of this story of their friends."

Besides the April-Jackson storyline, Thursday's episode will also see Catherine encountering Richard at the hospital; and Meredith searching for a babysitter so she can visit Derek in Washington D.C.

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 11 episode 11 titled "All I Could Do Was Cry" airs Thursday, 12 February at 8 p.m. ET.