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Derek has left to take up a new job with the President, and the second half of the season of "Grey's Anatomy" will see Meredith trying to make it on her own in Seattle.

Her two main sources of support – Derek and Cristina – are away pursuing their own interests, and for the first time Meredith will be without a person whom she could call her "person." And as the show moves forward, viewers will see Meredith trying to make a name for herself in the field of medicine, which is going to be no easy task.

"I love the idea that this could possibly mean that for the first time in her life at the hospital, she has neither Cristina nor Derek, and therefore is essentially alone and how she's going to cope with that. It's going to be very interesting for her," executive producer Shonda Rhimes dished to Entertainment Weekly.

Elsewhere, April and Jackson prepare for the worst as Arizona begins testing on the baby, and Callie and Owen motivate each other to start dating once again. Callie will try to set him with a tech rep from the hospital, but she makes a shocking discovery when the rep says she's interested in Callie and not Owen.

Is it too soon for Callie to start dating? Fans are divided. While some feel Callie should take some time off and focus on herself, others believe the best way for Callie to put her relationship with Arizona behind her is by being with someone else.

"Go Callie!! Arizona is terrible, selfish and a cheater. Last season taking her back and the house should never happened and they should've been done since she slept with the blonde. Callie deserves much much better," noted a fan.

As for what else to expect in the episode titled "The Bed's Too Big Without You," here is what the synopsis says: "April stays optimistic as Arizona begins testing on her baby, Dr. Herman plans out a crash course in fetal surgery, and Owen and Callie encourage each other to get back into the dating scene. Meanwhile, Meredith, Maggie, and Bailey use the 3D printer to gain a better understanding of their patient's tumor."

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.