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Patrick Dempsey's Derek was once again missing on Thursday's episode of "Grey's Anatomy," and theories are aplenty on where he could be. But fans will have to wait only for one more week to learn the truth about Derek's disappearance.

According to a press release by the network, Derek's whereabouts are finally discovered in the next episode titled "How to Save a Life." Ever since the promo for 16 April episode aired, theories have been afloat suggesting that Derek has died in an accident.

But the official synopsis of next week's episode, which reads, "Derek witnesses a horrible car accident and springs into action," has disproved this theory.

In the meantime, there are chances fans will see Derek and Meredith getting ready to welcome yet another baby, as Thursday's episode featured a flashback scene where Derek is seen suggesting that he wanted more children.

"It's always been you. But I want more of this, of us. I want to have more. Let's have more," he said, and Meredith immediately agreed to have more kids.

However, a section of fans believe Derek's constant disappearance could be setting the stage to Dempsey's possible departure from the show. In an earlier interview, the actor mentioned that he wanted to dedicate more time to his racing career, and since then fans have been on the lookout for clues hinting at Dempsey's exit from the show.

And if these speculations turn out to be accurate, fans believe Dempsey's character Derek will bite the dust at the end of the season.

"If Patrick Dempsey is leaving the show I would rather Derek die than for shonda break them up, especially after everything they've been through together. will it be devastating for Meredith, yes, but I would prefer it to him just leaving her for someone else," noted one fan.

"Even if Derek dies at the end of this season (next week? I think a coma first and then death in the season finale after a time jump of a few months) P.D. could still appear in flashbacks…I really do think the show could survive the loss of P.D. especially if Meredith is pregnant," another said.

However, both Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo have renewed their contracts, meaning they will be sticking around for season 12 of ABC's medical drama.