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Rumours of Patrick Dempsey's character Derek biting the dust have been doing the rounds since last week when his wife Meredith was shown worrying about his whereabouts. But the promo for Thursday's episode titled "How to Save a Life" has finally revealed that Derek is alive and well.

Derek did not make it to his meeting in Washington DC, because he witnesses a car accident and the doctor in him quickly jumps in to save the victims.

"Derek sees a ghastly accident and jumps into action to help the wounded," the official synopsis reads.

The promo video shows that the victims are all minors, and Derek is seen telling one of the victims who is covered in her blood that he won't let anyone die. But in the next instant one of the smashed vehicles burst into flames and this has fans worried about Derek's future.

Officially, Dempsey is signed on for two more years of the medical drama, but a majority of fans believe showrunner Shonda Rhimes will kill off the character before the season ends.

"What a way to kill him off!!! This is his last season, but I never imagined they would make him more lovable right before killing him and breaking everyone's hearts!" wrote one fan, while another noted that Meredith seeing red and blue lights from a police car flashing near her window can only spell trouble.

"Im not ready for next weeks episode im just not ready and the title how to save a life and the explosion and meredith and police cars," the tweet read. Yet another fan echoed similar sentiments, writing: "I can't think of why the police would come to Meredith's house if Derek wasn't dead. I'm really hoping he isn't."

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