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It was disheartening to see April holding out hopes for a miracle, but in the end she had to make the tough decision to let her baby go and savour the few moments she had with him.

Early on in the episode Dr Herman confirmed Jackson and April's worst fears that their baby has Type 2 Osteogenesis Imperfect, a fatal birth defect. While April had earlier said that terminating her pregnancy was not an option even if the baby has Type 2, she did not know if she could go through the pregnancy after Herman told her that the baby's bones might break while still inside her womb.

"My baby's bones are breaking inside of my belly," April asked, "the place he's supposed to be safe?"

While debating what would be their best plan of action regarding their baby, Jackson's mother Catherine laid out a sensible plan that involved inducing labour, naming the baby and baptizing the baby before it's time to let him go.

After much contemplation, April decided to go ahead with Catherine's plan and what followed was one of the most heartfelt scenes of the entire season. April and Jackson welcomed their baby boy Samuel Norbert, who squeezed April's finger for a short while before letting it go.

"The way they resolved it was actually my pitch," Sarah Drew, who plays April in the medical drama, told E!Online. "This story happened to friends of my parents. They were pro-life and they discovered their baby was type 2 and its bones were breaking and it was in pain. They made the heartbreaking decision to deliver the baby early; they induced, they held their baby, they named their baby, they baptized their baby and they buried their baby, giving it the dignity of life it deserves."

So how will this traumatic experience affect April and Jackson as a couple?

"It's actually going to solidify them as a couple," Drew said. "What I love about the episode that just aired is you really see them coming together and being a team, clinging to each other for dear life as a unit weathering something that is the hardest thing any couple will ever have to go through. I love that the whole episode was about finding hope and finding peace in tragedy. That is a great and wonderful gift."