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Fans of medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" will have to wait for one more week to find out how Callie and Arizona are doing post their split, as Season 11 is going on a short break.

Episode 6 of the season, titled "Don't Let's Start" will air on 6 November, and it is going to be a bit lighthearted after episode 5, which featured the Callie-Arizona break-up.

"Don't Let's Star" will shift focus to the other residents of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and the April-Jackson storyline is expected to pick up in the episode. Promo photos show April's mom dropping in for a visit, and it looks like Jackson and April aren't too excited that she has flooded their apartment with baby supplies. But April's mom soon wins over Jackson, which annoys April.

Meanwhile, Derek tries to bring Maggie and Meredith closer by planning a family dinner, after he hears the former addressing his wife as Dr. Grey.

"Dr. Grey, I have your, our, Ellis's journals," Maggie stammers, and Meredith is surprised that Maggie went through them so quickly. "Yeah! I've had 'em for a while," Maggie responds. "I got a good sense of her as a surgeon, if not as a person. So, thank you."

After she leaves, Derek is surprised why Maggie calls her Dr. Grey, prompting Meredith to say, "That's my name." He then suggests that Meredith invite Maggie over for dinner since she's family.

"Dinner tomorrow night," Derek says. "It's what people do."

"What people?" Meredith asks as Derek walks away.

Elsewhere, "Owen (Kevin McKidd) becomes invested in a patient when he realizes she may have served in the military. Meanwhile, a patient's diagnosis causes Bailey (Chandra Wilson) to reconsider her own health issues, and Dr. Herman (Geena Davis) drops a bombshell on Arizona (Jessica Capshaw)," according to the official synopsis.

ABC has also released the synopsis of episode 7, titled "Can We Start Again, Please?" and it hints at trouble for Derek's little sister Amelia. Although Amelia has managed to turn over a new leaf since battling her addiction, which was shown in "Private Practice," her past is going to haunt her and cause problems for her at the hospital, the summary reads.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.