"Grey's Anatomy" returned after a brief break on Thursday, and picked up from where it left before the show went on a 10-week hiatus.

The previous episode saw Jackson barging in during April's wedding to Matthew, and April was torn between her feeling for her fiancé as well as her best friend.

And on Thursday, April's fans got a pleasant surprise when she was shown running away with Jackson. The duo not only elope, but also get married.

However, the wedding ceremony is not shown to viewers and the couple decide to keep their nuptials a secret for the time being.

Sarah Drew, who plays the role of April in the series, revealed on Thursday that the cat might soon be out of the bag as it is hard to pretend you are not married when you are constantly working together.

"Well, because now there's this rule against fraternization they're kind of in a rough spot. They can either pretend that they're not together in any way shape or form, or they're going to have to tell their secret. We'll find out in the next episode what they choose to do," she told Entertainment Weekly.

But because the Sloan Grey Memorial Hospital is motting a policy that requires its employees to declare their relationships, April and Jackson will have to declare their wedding sooner.

In the meantime, it is not going to be smooth sailing for April and Jackson. Although the couple had a sexual relationship for a while, and they are close friends, Jackson and April have never dated. They rushed into marriage and it will take them sometime to get used to each other.

Also, there are many aspects of Jackson's life that April is unaware of, and her meeting with Jackson's mother is also expected to be tense.

Now that April and Jackson have found each other, what happens to their jilted lovers? Jackson's girlfriend Stephanie was seen reeling from the shock of her boyfriend running away right before her very own eyes. Taking advantage of the hospital's fraternization policy, a bitter Stephanie also lodges a complaint against Jackson.

And as for Matthew, he is so humiliated that he doesn't want to ever see April.

"He just can't show his face. It's awful. Like, as awesome as it is that April and Jackson are together, what they did to Stephanie and Matthew is just horrific and so awful. They've left so much destruction in their wake," Drew noted.

Now that April has finally made her choice, drama is sure to ensue as all four of them have to work together in the hospital. But, fans of the show are rooting for a happy ending for April and Jackson, and social networking sites are flooded with messages appreciating the plot's twist.