Grey's Anatomy (Facebook/Screengrab)
Grey's Anatomy (Facebook/Screengrab)Facebook/Screengrab

"Grey's Anatomy" is known for its disastrous season finales, and when season 10 comes to a close on Thursday, doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will once again be left reeling from a disastrous event.

But before that some doctors will have to face the consequences of their actions.

For example, Bailey is in deep trouble after giving Braden the deactivated-HIV treatment. When the Morrises are happy that Braden is healthy and thank her for letting him heal on his own, Bailey reveals the truth about what she has done.

"Uh, Mr. Morris, Braden did not get better on his own. I gave him the treatment," Bailey admits, and it lands her in a whole lot of legal trouble.

As Ben confronts Bailey about the malpractice, Owen enters the room and reveals that the Morrises have filed a lawsuit and that the lawyers are meeting to figure out what can be done to salvage the situation.

"The lawyers are meeting now," Owen says "We're discharging Braden soon, but it does not look like the Morrises are going to let this go."

"So it looks like a malpractice suit?" Ben asks.

"Worse," Owen responds. "Assault and battery charges."

Meanwhile, Cristina, who is leaving the hospital for better opportunities in Switzerland, will be seen interviewing a replacement for Dr. Russell in this penultimate episode before the finale.

"So, I still can't believe he's making you pick your replacement," Meredith tells Cristina as soon as Owen announces that the first candidate is waiting.

When Cristina says she was interviewing Dr. Russell's replacement, Meredith adds: "It's a punishment. It's like making you clean the apartment you're vacating," Meredith explains.

"No. Owen knows this is the right move for me. He's been nothing but supportive," Cristina says, but Meredith shakes her head saying, "Something's coming. I can feel it in my bones."

Check out the official synopsis of the episode below.

With Derek (Patrick Dempsey) away, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) spends time with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and finds out her true feelings about her time in Seattle. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) deals with the ramifications of her actions, and Callie (Sara Ramirez) receives devastating news. Meanwhile, the residents panic after hearing that one of them will be fired.