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Thursday night's episode of "Grey's Anatomy" revolved around the relationship of Callie and Arizona, and by the end of it, the couple decided to call it quits as Callie was done trying to fix their relationship.

But are they done for good? Actor Sara Ramirez, who essays the role of Callie, hinted to Entertainment Weekly that it might be too soon to say the relationship is over. The next few episodes will focus on the aftermath of the separation, and how each of them get through the ordeal.

For instance, Callie will be seen bonding with Meredith, and getting more involved in the working of the hospital. But not everything will be hunky dory. They share a child, and separating their lives is going to be a messy affair.

On her character's decision to end their relationship, Ramirez said Callie still loves Arizona, but she has reached a point in her relationship where she doesn't want to fix the problems they have.

"What Callie decides is that she doesn't want to try to fix it or fix them anymore. That's what she decides. To be clear, that's important, because it's not about 'I don't want to be with you.' I think it's about, 'I don't want to try and fix this anymore, and fix us anymore.' I think Callie reaches her breaking point," Ramirez said.

As for Arizona, actress Jessica Capshaw said it wouldn't be wrong to say that her character is devastated by the recent development, especially after the trial separation helped her realise her true feelings for Callie. However, she too is clueless on the future of their relationship.

Weighing in on their relationship, Capshaw explained to TVGuide that being together for seven years is not an easy thing, and the memories and experiences of these seven years will always be a binding force.

"These are two characters that have been together for seven years," Capshaw said. "They have a child. Even saying it's over, it's never going to be over between them, because they have made a commitment to each other that goes deeper than anything, which is having a child together. So they'll always be a part of each other. I think that there is going to be a redefining of their relationship, and who knows how that will work itself out? ... But I think the most important thing is that they are both finally on a road that will end in each of them being happy, together or separate."

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes had previously said the couple's relationship has a 50-50 chance, and only the upcoming episodes will tell if the two will rekindle their romance.