Grey's Anatomy Season 10
Grey's Anatomy Season 10 (Photo: GreysAnatomy/facebook)

"Grey's Anatomy" has taken a twist with the new rule against fraternization creating tensions between couples at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and cracks have started appearing in Jo and Alex's relationship as well.

Sneak peek of the season 10 episode "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away", which airs on 6 March, shows the couple calling it quits on their relationship following a yelling match.

The hospital decides to implement a non-fraternization policy after its board receives an anonymous complaint. Following this, Jackson and April decide to keep their marriage a secret.

But Jo seems worried about the new rule. She is unsure about what to do about her relationship with Alex, who tries to soothe away her fears saying that no one takes the new rule seriously.

"You don't have to worry about it because you have superiority, but I'm a resident," she argues. "It's my reputation we're talking about - my career. I know that you think the rule's crap, but we can't just ignore it at my expense!"

This infuriates Alex who yells back saying she should not let the hospital decide who she should be with.

"So what, you're just going to roll over and let the hospital tell you who you can be with? … There's always a choice! You can choose to make the best out of a bad situation! You can choose to act like an adult! You can choose not to pick a fight in front of the entire hospital!" Alex says.

Jo does not agree, and Alex makes it easier for her by dumping her in front of the entire hospital.

Does Alex really dump Jo, or was it staged to fool hospital authorities?

Fans of Alex and Jo think so. They feel Jo, who could have confronted Alex in private, made a spectacle of their breakup so as to announce it to hospital authorities that they weren't a couple.

Alex and Jo are expert in displaying fake emotions, as was evident in season nine's "Things We Said Today". The couple had got hold of a free room after putting on an over-the-top performance and convincing the front desk operator of a hotel to give them a room.

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