Greeks will head to vote in yet another election on Sunday to elect a new government, just weeks after the economic turmoil in the country saw the ouster of former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as he accepted austerity measures for a bailout.

Tsipras' leftist Syriza party and the conservative New Democracy party headed by Vangelis Meimarakis are the main contenders to lead Greece and bring about the implementation of economic reforms as mandated under the bailout terms by the euro zone for the 86-billion-euro package. 

Tsipras and Meimarakis are said to be neck and neck in polls in surveys conducted over the last few days, Reuters reported, though the final polls seemed to show a slight tilt towards the Syriza party. 

If the Syriza party does get sufficient votes, it is likely to form a coalition government with the centrist party To Potami and the socialist party PASOK. 

However, it is likely that election fatigue may keep many Greeks away from ballot boxes, given that they have already cast their votes twice this year - for the general election in January and a referendum vote in July on whether to accept the bailout. 

"Not one vote should be lost, we should not be beaten by abstention," Tsipras said at a rally in Athens on Friday, Reuters reported.

Greeks had voted a resounding 'No' in July's referendum poll, with 60% rejecting the austerity conditions put forth by the creditors - European Central Bank, the Eurogroup and the International Monetary Fund.

However, Tsiparas did a U-Turn on his anti-austerity policy and accepted the creditors' three-year deal to bring in economic reforms for a bailout. 

Having lost support within his own party, the PM resigned and called for snap polls, putting the fate of the near-bankrupt nation in the hands of its people once again. 

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