Back to the Future, Part II
'Back to the Future, Part II' predictions that came trueFacebook/Back to the Future, Part II

Every sci-fi movie buff, who was alive in the 80s, has been waiting for this year since 1989, for 2015 is the year Marty McFly is sent to, in the second installation of "Back to the Future". And there is one pressing question everyone wants to know: How many predictions for 2015 did "Back to the Future Part II" get right?

In the movie, Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) and his sidekick 'Doc' Brown (Christopher Lloyd) who had reached a fictional 2015, boldly depcited and hoped for technologically much-advanced system in the world. While, food hydrators and power-lacing shoes may stay in production house limbo for a few more years, some of their predictions were eerily accurate. 

Skype or FaceTime

2015 Marty's video call with his colleagues was a spot-on prophecy for Skype and FaceTime, that we are so dependant on nowadays.

Google Glasses

The characters from the 2015 era of "Back to the Future Part II" is shown using glasses to talk with one another, a forecast for Google's latest gadget - the Google glasses. 

Microwave Meals 

In the film, a dehydrated pizza is grown in a fully, cooked digestible meal within 12 seconds after being placed on a "hydrator plate". This technique is the most commonly used "cooking method" by the ambitious and busy crowd belonging to this century; only we call it "microwave meals".

3D Films and Holograms

With the tagline "This time it's REALLY REALLY personal", "Jaws 19" was shown as a holo-film directed by Max Spielberg, Steven Spielberg's son in real life, that would play in theatres around October 2015. Although the movie was given a low rating for "lacking bite," it gets full points for being strikingly close to the 3D movies that are highly popular today.

Flying cars

Although flying cars aren't causing air traffic jams as of now, a company called Terrafugia has been making huge strides in this department. Aeromobil is another company that combines a motor car and an airplane, opening "doors to real door-to-door travel."


After multiple attempts to fool people with fake hoverboards, a company called Hendo Hover made a working model and proved its legitimacy by getting skateboarding legend Tony Hawk to ride it, around November 2014. 

The advent of smartphones and tablets is one horizon that the team of "Back to the Future" failed to uncover. Some of the predictions that the comeback of fax machines and the common-use of self-lacing sneakers also turned out to be wrong. 

However, for those super-fans, let the countdown to 21 October 2015 begin, for that is the exact date on which McFly and Doc landed in the future. There may still be some predictions that might come true by then.