Rangoli Chandel and Kamal R Khan don't share a lot in common. Both have respectively been ruling the internet with their comments so far. What should happen if the two came together?

Kamal R Khan found a new supporter and maybe a friend too. One of KRK's tweets interested Rangoli, where he talks about Karan Johar. Rangoli jumped on the bandwagon to help KRK take down the director.

Rangoli Chandel and Kamal R Khan

Rangoli Chandel and Kamal R Khan join hands against Coronavirus

Scientists haven't yet been able to discover a cure for Coronavirus. However, this hasn't stopped people from coming up with their own 'effective' ammunition against the disease. Kamal R Khan has so far suggested mostly useless advice, but it brings humour. 

His most recent anecdote caught the attention of Rangoli Chandel, awaking the sleeping Twitter dragon. It seems Karan Johar is a good bait to get Rangoli Chandel to churn out her best content. Kamal R Khan found a supporter adding fuel to his fire.

Kamal R Khan tweeted earlier, "My 2nd doctor told me today that if I will marry with Karan Johar, So #Corona won't touch me for a lifetime because #KJ is more dangerous than #Corona! Now, whose advice should I follow?" This was just one of his tweets, but then Kangana Ranaut's sister, Rangoli Chandel found it extremely insightful.

Rangoli replied, "Bhai Jaan, this advice is better." KRK acknowledged her response with a laugh. We can only predict that this is the beginning of a longstanding partnership. Rangoli has had Karan Johar on her hit list for the longest time, and KRK is totally one the same page about it.