Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo
New 3DS game will let players play the detective version of Pikachu.Pokemon

There is a new Pokemon game on the block for Nintendo 3DS users that released its first Japanese trailer. This cinematic adventure game is called Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo, and the new game will be released on 3 February for the Japanese eShop.

The new trailer introduced a new kind of Pikachu, a detective who is seen heading to a crime scene, and making notes of what happened to the victim. He sits and analyses the various crime scene images and follows certain leads.

Another interesting thing noticed in the trailer is that this Pikachu is seen interacting with everyone, so expect a chattier Pikachu.

We do not know much about the antagonist in the game, but we know that Pikachu will be joined by a human partner, like Sherlock and Dr.Watson. The human companion is called Tim, according to the official website. It notes that Tim had come to fulfil a certain purpose, but a chance meeting between him and Pikachu hooked them as partners.

Though the video shows some quick snapshots of the possible gameplay, it is not clear what the final gameplay will be.

The company has not stated anything on the game being released outside Japan yet. The price for the game was noted to be 1,500 yen, but will be discounted to 1,200 yen until 29 February.