T Raja Singh Lodh
T Raja Singh Lodh, BJP MLA from HyderabadFacebook

Controversial BJP MLA T Raja Singh who has been in the media eye since the Facebook row on combatting hate speech is now facing a threat to his life. The security for the MLA has been ramped up in Hyderabad as well.

The Commissioner of the Hyderabad Police has written to the politician urging caution, including avoiding riding his motorcycle. The 'confidential' letter has stated a 'grave' security threat. 

BJP MLA T Raja Singh on terrorist radar

According to local news reports, BJP's MLA in Goshamahal, Hyderabad, Telangana is on a terrorist hit list. The news broke on Friday, and the Hyderabad police have ramped up security for the politician.

Lately, T Raja Singh has been the centre of a debate on hate speech in the country. As a global report from the USA claimed that Facebook had overlooked Raja Singh's inflammatory posts and hate speech on Facebook, which were anti-muslim in nature. Having sparked a row between Congress and BJP, the company claimed in its statement that there was no bias in its outlook towards hate speech.

Now, the Hyderabad police commissioner Anjani Kumar has written to the BJP's T Raja Singh asking him to exercise caution. The 'confidential' letter as circulated on social media and on local news channels reads, "Providing proper security to all Hon'ble MLA is our top priority. It is to inform you that due to your threat perception, enhanced security has been provided to you, and security personnel are also being alerted and checked from time to time. Special training has been organized to all your PSOs periodically."

Further the commissioner writes, "In this regard, it has been noticed that sometimes you are moving on a motor cycle. This poses a grave security threat to you," the commissioner goes on to request the politician to stop using the bike and instead government allotted bulletproof cars instead. 

According to a report by The Hindu, the politician will be approaching the Telangana government. and the central Home Minister Amit Shah, on the matter.