Grandma's Project is a collaborative web series that shares recipes and stories from grandmothers around the world. The project, which received patronage from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation in January 2016, will select thirty videos from the submissions and release it as Season 1.

Whether you are a professional filmmaker or an amateur whose grandma is an excellent cook/storyteller, you can send in your video to Grandma's Project. The videos are shot in the warmth of their kitchens and in the intimacy of their families and allow for personal stories to flow naturally.

India has a rich culinary culture that has evolved drastically over the Mughal and Birtish rule. It also varies from region to region, which is why the Indian youth should make it a point to submit their videos to the Grandma's Project. From a story of migration from Pakistan or housing and feeding freedom fighter, Indian grandmothers may be hiding quite the tale that the world needs to hear.

The project hopes to elicit these stories along with one recipe these women have mastered over the years. "It is also one of the most natural and universal way we address our grandmas and learn about our history. The recipe is the doorway to the story and vice versa."

Filmmakers and amateurs should submit their applications before July. Following this, 30 films will be selected for Season 1 and the documentary is expected to be launched by March 2017.

So, submit your stories as soon as possible and make you grandma a celebrity. Ensure that your video is no longer than 8 minutes and has a written version of the recipe and video and photo bonuses as well. Visit Grandmas Project website by clicking here.