'GTA 5'
Grand Theft Auto 5 Music Now Available on iTunes.Rockstar Games

The diverse soundtrack of open world adventure video game Grand Theft Auto 5 will now be available on Apple's iTunes Store. The game that rolled out just a few days back has garnered much appreciation and crossed the $1 billion sales mark in just three days.

The album named "The Music of Grand Theft Auto 5" consists of three volumes with a total of 59 tracks, which will be available on Apple's digital music service. Out of the 59, 19 tracks have been taken from the in-game radio stations and another 18 original songs have been included which were exclusively created for the game, reported The Verge.

The first and third volume consists of soundtracks from the in-game radio station the second volume consists the game's score composed by Tangerine Dream, a German band.

The three albums altogether will cost $24.99 whereas the individual albums will cost $9.99 each. The customers can also purchase each song individually at a cost of 99 cents.

Tangerine Dream's hypnotic dynamic music stops at The Score, which was originally layered by DJ Shadow and this track is stacked up along with the other in-game radio station songs on 'The Soundtrack' album. The 'Original Music' will give new tunes which were created specifically for the game, reported IGN.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the much hyped game, which faced a lot of leaks before its official launch. To keep the excitement going, publishers Rockstar Games released a list of ten crazy things a player would experience while playing the game. GTA 5 has also been tagged as the most expensive game in history.

An iOS and Android application is rumored to be undergoing development. It will allow the gamers to play the grand GTA 5 on their Apple devices along with some customization.

This application is predicted to be codenamed iFruit, which will give access to the users to call characters, check a map, click photos and much more. With the help of this, gamers will also be able to modify Chop's behavior (the dog in the game) and teach him new tricks.