Gran Turismo 6
Gran Turismo 6 will release on 6

Racing game fans have been eagerly awaiting the December launch of Gran Turismo 6 from developer Polyphony Digital. It has now been announced that the game will feature a new microtransactions system, which will be a first in the game series, allowing users to make purchases with in-game credits.

Denominations of 500,000, 1 million, 2.5 million or 7 million credits are available, which can be used to buy cars and performance parts in-game. In the previous Gran Turismo games, only after winning racing events would the user be able to earn credits to purchase new cars and performance.

It was also stressed in the report on CVG that the microtransaction purchases are optional and non-essential. The game will be making use of graphics feature, where players can design tracks using real roads with the help of GPS.

The game will have about 1,200 cars, with 'Special Edition' of the game offering 20 extra cars, with custom PSN avatars, paint chips, race suits and race helmets. Sony has announced the availability of digital pre-orders of Gran Turismo 6.

Customers can pre-order either a 'Standard Edition' or 'Special Edition' version, which gives them access to the Precision Pack that allows them to get five cars like Nissan GT-R, Corvette C7 and an Audi R8 as playable cars.

 The game will feature addition of new circuits to the series like Mount Panorama, Ascari, Silverstone and Goodwood and will also feature 100 track layouts.

This racing game is slated for 6 December release and will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. The game has been priced at $59.95, Fox News reported.