If you are bored and done playing old games on your Xbox One and Xbox 360, then here are the best deals available for you. Electronic Arts (EA) has started a sale for some of its biggest games.

The sale, which began on February 20, will go on till February 26. And the latest games are also in the list of hefty discounts. The games include FIFA 18, Need for Speed Payback, Star Wars Battlefront II, NHL 18, Madden NFL 18, Battlefield 1 Revolution, and Mass Effect Andromeda and many more.

EA is giving discounts of up to 75 percent on more than 30 games. Here is the list of EA games for Xbox One:

Game Title Sale Price Discount
FIFA 18 Rs 1,400 Rs 2,100 off
FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition Rs 1,920 Rs 2,880 off
FIFA 18 ICON Edition Rs 2,750 Rs 2,750 off
Need for Speed Payback RS 1,400 Rs 2,100 off
Need for Speed Payback: Deluxe Edition Rs 1,920 Rs 2,880 off
Need for Speed Ultimate Bundle Rs 2,750 Rs. 2,750 off
FIFA 18 + NFS Payback Rs 2,792 Rs. 4,188 off
FIFA 18 + NBA Live 18: The One Edition Rs 1,815 Rs 3,685 off
FIFA 18 + NHL 18 Bundle Rs 1,346.40 Rs 2,733.60 off
Star Wars Battlefront II Rs 1,400 Rs 2,100 off
Star Wars Battlefront II: Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition Rs 1,920 Rs 2,880 off


NBA Live 18: The One Edition Rs 375 Rs 2,125 off
NHL 18 Rs 1,155 Rs 2,345 off
NHL 18 Young Stars Edition Rs 1,584 Rs 3,216 off
NHL 18 Young Stars Deluxe Rs 1,815 Rs 3,685 off
Madden NFL 18 Rs 1,155 Rs 2,345 off
Madden NFL 18: GOAT Holiday Edition Rs 1,440 Rs 3,360 off
Battlefield 1 Revolution Rs 1,155 Rs 2,345 off
Battlefield Anniversary Bundle Rs 2,200 Rs 3,300 off
Battlefield 1 + Titanfall 2 Ultimate Bundle Rs. 2,000 Rs. 3,000 off
Mass Effect Andromeda: Standard Recruit Rs 656.70 Rs 1,333.30 off
Mass Effect Andromeda: Deluxe Recruit Rs 990 Rs. 2,010 off
Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition Rs 625 Rs 1,875 off
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Edition Rs 990 Rs 2,010 off

And if a buyer is gifting an EA game or DLC worth Rs 290 to a friend, then he/she can avail a free month of EA Access of worth Rs 315. It is a subscription-based service which will allow access to past EA titles and restricted access for current games.

EA games which are available on sale for Xbox 360 are Dragon Age: Origins and Dead Space, which are available at Rs 235.

Dead Space, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 are for Rs 235, Rs 375 and Rs 375, respectively. On the other hand, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is up for sale at Rs 675 and NBA JAM: On Fire Edition is at Rs 470.