The Central government has released a list of Indians, who were killed and injured in the stampede at Mina in Makkah province of Saudi Arabia on Thursday morning. At least 717 Hajj pilgrims were reported dead in the incident.

The injured are undergoing treatment in a hospital. "Our Consul General Jeddah reports loss of 14 Indian lives in Mina stampede. We have 13 injured in hospital," External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said, according to ANI.

Nine of the 14 dead Indians in the stampede were from Gujarat. While two were from Jharkhand, two from Tamil Nadu and one from Maharashtra.

The incident occurred when hundreds of Hajj pilgrims rushed through the Street 204 in Mina to perform the ritual of 'stoning of the devil' on Jamarat bridge. As many as 863 people were injured in the stampede.

Millions of Muslim pilgrims have gathered in Mecca to participate in the rituals of Eid al-Adha or the Feast of Sacrifice to cleanse their soul of all sins and temptations.

Below are the lists of Indians killed and injured in Mecca stampede. The identification of the victims is based on their passport details.

Number of victims Name State
1 Shamshudeen Mohamed Ebraham Tamil Nadu
2 Mohideen Pitchai Tamil Nadu
3 Mohammad Rustam Ali Jharkhand
4 Niazul Haque Mansurul Haque Jharkhand
5 Saleem Yusuf Shaikh Maharashtra
6 Mohammed Hanif Hasan Bhai Shaikh Gujarat
7 Shaikh Madinabibi Mahammad Hanif Gujarat
8 Divan Ayubsha Bafaisha Gujarat
9 Divan Jubedabibi Aiyubsha Gujarat
10 Soda Rehmat Qasam Gujarat
11 Betara Fatmaben Karim Gujarat
12 Bolim Havbaj Ishak Gujarat
13 Nagori Johrabibi Mahmadshafi Gujarat
14 Nagori Rukhsana Mohammed Ishak Gujarat
Number of victims Name State Hospital Name
1 Raliyath Pakkiyoda Lakshadweep Al Jasser
2 Abdul Kayum West Bengal Al Jadid
3 Jahanur Begum Assam Al Jadid
4 Shaikh Shaida Begum Mehboob Maharashtra Shesha Makkah
5 Sara Begum Jammu & Kashmir Shesha Makkah
6 Ghulam Ahmed Shergujree Jammu & Kashmir Shesha Makkah
7 Raichha Begam West Bengal Shesha Makkah
8 Attari Hatim Rajasthan HM. Mina Dispensary
9 Manjurhusen Habibullah Shaikh Gujarat Mina Armed Forces
10 MD Fazejul Bihar Mina Armed Forces
11 Mohammad Abdul Hamid Orissa Mina Armed Forces
12 Ayisoma Mariyadan Kerala Hera Hospital, Makkah
13 Haidar Ali Uttar Pradesh King Abdullah Hospital, Makkah