Don't let Bruce's (David Mazouz) fate in the season 3 premiere of Gotham fool you, because the young orphan Wayne is going to get a lot cooler, smarter and stronger in the coming episodes. Yes, its true he is getting closer to being Batman.

Bruce has definitely evolved from the lost boy confused about the murder of his parents in season 1. He now knows that nothing in the world, especially in Gotham, is black and white. Mazouz, who breathes life into the character on screen, seems to agree.

"In Season One, I feel like Bruce was grieving. He really couldn't do a lot. He couldn't make his evolution to Batman because he was a little kid and he'd just lost his parents; it was too early. In Season Two, he definitely made that evolution and I think a lot of people will agree with that. He made his way into Batman's world," says Mazouz regarding his character's journey.

Along with becoming the dreaded vigilante, Bruce is also turning into a playboy, what with kissing two beautiful girls in season 2. However, Mazouz clarifies that it is just a front, so that he can carry on with his self-assigned task of cleaning up Gotham without raising any suspicions.

"You're going to see even more of the Playboy side of Bruce this season. He puts on that front so that nobody would ever suspect him of being Batman. He'll develop that persona for the public so that he can trick them. That means he'll be able to do even deeper detective work in Season Three," says Mazouz.

Other than Bruce, Mazouz will also be seen portraying another character, who was introduced season 2 finale, a doppelganger who escaped from Dr Strange's (BD Wong) lab. "...It has been a blast playing him. It's so much fun. I love playing two characters. I'm so excited for the audience to see it."

You can watch new episodes of Gotham season 3 at 8pm (EST) on Mondays via Fox and at 10pm (IST) on Tuesdays via Zee Café.