David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee
David Mazouz and Sean PertweeFacebook/Gotham

Gotham is loved by Batman and DC fans for many reasons, but the most prominent among them is the chemistry between Alfred (Sean Pertwee) and Bruce (David Mazouz). The partnership they share on screen is something no other Batman film or TV show has explored before.

It is not just the fans who are excited about this friendship, that goes beyond loyalty that a devoted employee has for an employer. Even the stars that play these roles are a fan of the characters, their relationship and the actors who play each other.

"Sean Pertwee is my favourite guy ever. I love hanging out with him. Besides being the nicest guy you'll ever meet, he is an incredible actor and I learn so much from working with him every day," Mazouz aka Gotham's Batman said in a recent interview. As a young actor working with a veteran, Mazouz also gets to learn not just about the art of acting but also the business of acting.

The young Master Bruce of TV screen is also excited by the prospects that the chemistry between Bruce and Alfred brings to the show. "Alfred's very first line in the show was, 'Get your bloody ass down from there, Master Bruce.' A lot of fans were like, 'Whoa, Alfred can't speak to Bruce like that!.'"

He further talks about how this relationship has actually never been explored by other shows or movies or even comic books. "In the comic books before Gotham and in the movies, the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Alfred is very clear: Bruce is the boss and Alfred is the servant. Alfred never pushes back, but that dynamic is completely changed in Gotham – it's more like they are a partnership; there's no one over the other."

"...It's not just Bruce that's becoming Batman; it's Bruce and Alfred as a team. It's a partnership. Alfred is equally as important to the evolution as Bruce is, if not more. That's really what it is. I love to bring that to life," Mazouz explains.

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