Since the monsters of Indian Hill were released to the streets of Gotham, fans of the Fox show have been waiting to see how these new characters would wreck havoc. In just a week they are all returning to pre-Batman "Gotham" with the premiere of Season 3 episode 1 set on Monday, Sept. 19.

Dr Strange's (BD Wong) God complex resulted in the re-birth of dead humans into superhumans and fans got to meet a few of them in Season 2. In the finale episode "Transference" many of these "monsters" were unleashed to the streets of Gotham, finally making the show crazy enough to earn the name of Batman's city before he came to the picture. 

Speaking of pre-Batman Bruce (David Mazouz), he has a new doppleganger in the show, he is one among the "monsters." Take a minute before you brand him as the bad guy or Bruce's evil twin though, because he is supposedly his own person. If you remember his snippet from the episode, you will know he was a perfect gentleman, saying "Thank You" after getting let out. 

"... I get to jump into two completely different personalities. A lot of people were saying he is just an evil version of Bruce but it's not an evil version of Bruce.... These two people they look identical. That's the only thing they have in common. They talk differently. They walk differently. They're two completely different people," Mazouz tells TV Guide regarding his character.

The young actor is also extremely excited to play these two role simultaneously. "He is lost more than anything... and he is looking for a purpose and that purpose is.. he will find it.. But it may not be the best one for Bruce," he says.

Don't forget to watch Season 3 premiere of "Gotham" on Monday, Sept. 19.