Chef Gordon Ramsay
Chef Gordon RamsayReuters

"MasterChef US" judge Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana are expecting their fifth child. The Michelin star chef, who made a recent appearance on "The Late Late Show," told host James Corden that the baby is due in September. 

"We have three girls and a boy ... and one more on the way," Mirror quoted Ramsay as saying. According to the outlet, the "Kitchen Nightmares" chef hugged Corden and added that he is nervous. 

Although the 49-year-old chef didn't reveal the gender of the child, he said he would be happy if it was another girl. 

"Obviously I'll be happy with another girl... but four girls, four weddings, four sweet 16s and four boyfriends," he added.

While the audience seemed thrilled to hear it, the TV personality joked that he would allow his daughters to date perhaps when they are 21. Ramsay, father to teenaged daughters Megan, 17, Holly, 16 and Tilly, 14, is known as a doting father. 

In fact, his Instagram account includes several pictures of his kids and the chef has often mentioned  how much he misses them. His youngest daughter, Tilly, has even appeared on some episodes of "MasterChef US Junior."

As soon as the "Hell's Kitchen" star made the announcement, his Instagram account was filled with congratulatory messages from fans.