Gopinath Munde

It appears that the way Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar rose to power in the state and the way Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India has several similar aspects, with the death of a minister being the latest of the analogous incidences occurring in lives of these two men.

Even as several bizarre aspects of the sudden and shocking death of the Union minister Gopinath Munde continue to make headlines, a set of eerie similarities between Parikar's rise in Goa and Modi's rise in the country has emerged.

A Twitter user named Gaurav, with the handle @bwoyblunder, posted an analysis of the aforementioned similarities - six events in chronological order - which seem to have occurred in a similar fashion in Goa as it happened with Modi.

  1. The Congress government in Goa was known for increasing instances of corruption under former CM Digambar Kamat, just as the Congress government in the Centre was mired in a series of corruption charges during the Manmohan Singh government.
  2. Goa was then succeeded by the BJP government in 2012, just as the government in the Centre was succeeded by the same party in the recent Lok Sabha elections.
  3. When Parrikar campaigned in Goa, he is said to have featured a "Parri-varthan" wave in favour of himself. This can be directly compared to BJP's national campaign that featured a "Modi Wave" in favour of its prime ministerial candidate.
  4. The way the campaigns were held in both cases are also alike. Parrikar did a 'Jansampark Abhiyan' across Goa, travelling about 100kms a day and addressing his followers in various rallies. Modi's campaign also had similar facets as he had held various rallies across the country, covering thousands of kilometers of the nation.
  5. The results also had striking similarties. For the first time in Goa's history, a non-Congress party received absolute majority. Similarly, BJP's recent election victory became a historic one, with a non-Congress party getting the absolute majority in the Lok Sabha for the first time.
  6. The last similarity is the most mind-boggling one yet. Just within 15 days after the results were announced, Matanhy Saldanha - a minister in Goa's BJP government - died of a heart attack at the age of 63. Something similar happened on Tuesday with Modi's government in a bizarre coincidence as Munde, a recently sworn in Union minister in Modi's cabinet, died within 18 days of the results, also because of a heart attack.

Gaurav's brilliant analogy can be found in the following tweet: