Google's Santa Tracker Will Show Santa's Progress On Christmas Eve
Google Lets You Follow Santa Claus On Christmas Eve; Keep Kids Entertained With Games and VideosGoogle Play Screenshot

December has started and preparations for Christmas are on. While adults are busy with holiday shopping, kids are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus. Google in its own unique way has joined in the fun with its Santa Tracker.

The web giant re-launched its own Santa Tracker site on Monday, where it offers games, videos and allows kids to track Santa's sleigh as it travels around the world to deliver gifts.

The Santa Tracker site is live and currently shows a countdown to Santa's annual tour around the world.

Google is keeping the kids and adults entertained with a new game or video that is unlocked each day until December 24. Once the countdown ends, users will be able to track Santa's sleigh as it travels around the world.

The Santa Tracker site's daily activities include elf games, candy cane cartography, holiday tradition tests and JavaScript lessons.

"December may mean snow days in Denver, Colo. or beach days in Sydney, Australia, but in Santa's Village, it means the countdown to Santa's big night," Google's Santa Launch Strategist Sandy Russell said. "Starting today, the elves are back on the clock in the North Pole — and throughout the month of December."

Santa's Tracker has received a good reception on the site. Building on that, the web giant also developed a standalone app for Android phones to keep a tab on Santa Tracker anywhere, anytime.

On the first day of launch, Santa Tracker unlocked a Rudolph racing game, a side-scrolling video of turning people into elves, which can be controlled with a lever and lessons on how kids celebrate Christmas around the world. The link to the Santa Tracker app on Google Play Store was also given.

On its second day, the web giant launched a video showing Santa's rush to begin the Christmas preparations. The Calendar feature gives a preview of all the activities throughout the month.