Google’s Start Searching India Campaign Kicks Off in Bhopal
Google’s Start Searching India Campaign Kicks Off in BhopalReuters

Search engine giant Google launched its "start searching India" campaign in India on Wednesday.

The campaign, which aims to create awareness about the use of Internet in rural India, kicked-off in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, as Google believes the city has a considerable number of users filing e-governance applications. Among the popular web searches by people in Bhopal, e-governance websites and are in the top five.  

"We see more and more people are using Internet for various needs but users in Bhopal are more interested in e-governance applications," said Sandeep Menon, director marketing Google India.

Google which hopes to expand its reach in India seeks to administer the best out of it web search tool and also scoop revenue by creating advertising space. The campaign will primarily focus on regional India and will be launched across other cities in the country later.

"Google is expanding its search engine consistently. From mere matching a word now it understands what exactly a user means and the engine gives right information back to the user," Menon said.

The primary objective of the campaign is to help citizens save time by providing them with precise and instant answers to common queries. "It saves time when you land from a bigger town to smaller town like Bhopal, if you search a restaurant in Bhopal it comes back with detailed information on the restaurant along with picture," Menon said.