Google's Mother's Day Doodle
Google's Mother's Day Doodle (screenshot)

Search engine giant Google has come with an innovative card making doodle to commemorate Mother's Day on 12 May.

The animated doodle welcomes a user to a step-by-step process of customising a special card by selecting options on the left side of the doodle. The fun-filled doodle even allows the user to share or print the resultant card.

Mother's Day has been celebrated for centuries in some traditions. But, the modern founding of the occasion was when West Virginia native Anna Jarvis's campaign for making Mother's Day nationally recognised was accepted in 1914 in the US.

Since then, many countries have commemorated the occasion of honouring maternal figures accordingly.

At present, the occasion is honoured on different days in different countries. India celebrates the occasion on the Second Sunday of May.

Even though there were previous attempts to bring about Mother's Day, Jarvis's demand of 'Second Sunday in May' being dedicated to motherhood is being mostly and widely recognized.

However, Jarvis heavily condemned the commercialisation of the occasion in the 1920s. Till today, this special day has become hugely popular with gift sellers witnessing high traffic.  

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