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Just a few months ago, Google rolled out Call Screen feature to all old Pixel phone to curb irritating telemarketing calls and now the search engine giant is reportedly releasing a major update for message app to block SMS spam.

Android Police has reported that Spam protection feature is already live in select regions. This is said to be a server-side activation meaning, Google is testing it and may take a few days to make it available to all Android phones.

The Spam protection added in the Android SMS App and you can find it and enable it in the 'Advanced' in Settings options.

However, there is one issue in Spam protection that might irk privacy advocates. Google's new feature mentions that the company have to access some data in messages on the SMS app to detect spam, but reassures that no content from the messages will be sent from the phone to the Google server.

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Google's SMS app for Android phones will soon get Spam protection feature.KVN Rohit/IBTimes India

Since the Spam protection is not officially rolled out to the public, the company will definitely seek feedback from the testers and public privacy activists to iron out the issues.

More information is awaited as to how Google will be able to tackle number spoofing and other several other malicious techniques used by cybercriminals.

Nevertheless, Spam protection for SMS app is a much-needed feature and we will be able to avoid piling up of telemarketing messages eating away the storage.

In a related development, Google added Auto (Tuk-Tuks) routes and fare features on Maps for Android phones in Delhi, India. This is just the beginning, the company plans to add more cities and help users make a well-informed commute for the day.

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