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Android Auto users have recently been flooding Google Product Forums with complaints of Google Maps crashing issue when navigation is started. The crash issue could be due to inherent bugs in the Android Auto software as Google has just pushed out a new app update to address the problem.

Android Auto
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Basically, the issue seems to occur while navigating any location via Google Maps on an Android Auto head unit. Whenever the crash happens or the app force closes, you will notice a "device not found" message on the in-car display and the issue reportedly persists even after disconnecting and reconnecting the phone.

Android Auto will continue to display the message until you cancel the navigation feature on the affected device. Nevertheless, Google has rolled out a bug-fix update with latest Android Auto app v2.4.722804.

All affected users may go ahead and download the update manually via APK Mirror posted here by the folks at Android Police. The new update for Android Auto app is supported on multiple mobile processor architectures, including arm64, x86, and x86_64.

Do let us know if the APK installation helped you resolve the navigation issues with your Android Auto app, in the comments section below.