Google updated its homepage on Wednesday with new and additional features for quick access of its services like Search, News, Images, Maps, etc on smartphones. The latest news of the update was posted on Google's official blog page.

"Today we're rolling out a new look for the mobile Google homepage. Now, when you tap the new menu button in the upper left you'll see a sidebar with other popular Google products, helping you get to them quickly and easily," the post read.

The most notable change on the new homepage are the side buttons at the top left which will list Google's products vertically. In addition to this, Google has also added new features like virtual keyboards, transliteration tools, and input method editors (IMEs) to its email service.

According to tecnology website Tech 2, users can enable the new features by just clicking 'Enable input tools". Beside the homepage update, the search engine giant has launched the latest versions of Google+ apps for Android and iOS. This will enable users to edit, review posts besides interacting with other users from their smartphones.

'Today we're rolling out v3.2 of the Google+ app to Android and iOS; both versions include one of our most highly-requested features: support for Google+ pages. This gives page owners the ability to post, comment, and interact with their followers directly from their mobile device," Google said.