Google Maps
Google invites you to enter Pokemon Challenge. (Google Maps/Twitter)

Google celebrated April Fool's day with a new update for Google Maps on iOS and Android devices asking users to find Pokemon using their cell phones and Google Maps App.

Google said that it was inviting people to fit into the new job as a 'Pokemon Master' by finding the most Pokemon. Though initially brushed aside as Google's April Fool's prank, many people actually found Pokemon in their cartoon element in different places. Google's official blog carries a video that shows people trying to find them in different terrains using Google Maps and then capturing those Pokemon using the cell phone's camera.

Though the videos show the captured Pokemon to have augmented reality, the find by many people has turned up just Pokemon cartoons.

 How to Go About?

  •  Players must launch the Google App after the update
  •  Go to Search option at the top of the screen
  •  You will get Press Start option and blue Pokeball icon
  •  This is where the journey for the Pokemon Master begins
  •  The Pokemon that have been caught will be saved to your Pokedex

The Pokedex too has some related artwork and detail of the Pokemon. There are about 150 Pokemon in the update and the Pokemon unlike in the game, do not fight back. Mew is the extra Pokemon that has been added into the challenge, but it is not necessary to complete the challenge. Only after you are able to catch all the 150 Pokemon, Mew will appear in the map.

The video below has Brian McClendon, VP of Google Maps urging users to collect Pokemon and be invited to GooglePlex for last round of hiring.

(YouTube Courtesy: Google Maps)

Below is the list of places where to find them (Reddit):

  •  Ankgor Wat
  •  Apple inc
  •  AREA 51
  •  Atlanta (Georgia Tech)
  •  Bordeaux
  •  Boston (Museum of Science, Park street church)
  •  CERN
  •  Columbus
  •  Dubai (The Palm Jumeira
  •  Eiffel tower
  •  Galapagos (north of Puerto Ayora)
  •  Googleplex
  •  Glasgow
  •  Harvard University
  •  India (Taj Mahal)
  •  Ireland (Google Dublin, Cork)
  •  Japan (Nintendo)
  •  London (Big Ben)
  •  Los Angeles
  •  Massachusetts (MIT Media Lab)
  •  Monaco
  •  Mount Everest
  •  Nagano
  •  New Orleans
  •  New York (Top of the Rock, Central Park, Statue of Liberty)
  •  Niagara Falls
  •  Ohio (Coney Island)
  •  Oxford University
  •  Perou (Machu Pichu
  •  Pittsburg (Heinz field)
  •  Portland
  •  Quebec City
  •  Rio de Janeiro
  •  Roma
  •  Seattle (Discovery park, Anderson park, Aquarium, Space Needle)
  •  Sotchi
  •  Spain (Santiago Bernabeu)
  •  Stonehenge
  •  Sweden (Stockholm)
  •  Sydney (There's a pkmn house, zoom close and you will find 10P pkmns)
  •  Texas (University)
  •  The Pyramids
  •  Toronto
  •  Tokyo (5+)
  •  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  •  Vatican city
  •  White House
  •  Wisconsin (Madison)
Google Maps
Google invites you to enter Pokemon Challenge. (Google Maps/Twitter)