Search engine giant Google plans to start its own drone delivery service in 2017.

"The company's goal is to have a commercial business running in 2017," David Vos, the project lead for Google's Project Wing, told an audience at an ATC convention outside Washington. 

So far, no information has been obtained about the type of drone Google would use for the deliveries or the type of deliveries the company would undertake.

Information about 'Project Wing' was announced by the company last year with a YouTube video showing a field test of one of the company-made drones in Australia, Reuters reported.

In the US, Project Wing had conducted several other tests in the company's laboratory, the report further stated.

Drones could also be used in disaster management relief. They could be used to deliver medicines during a medical emergency, a BBC report stated. It is believed that drones have an ability to fly at an altitude of 65,000 feet. The normal altitudes in which commercial flights operate are between 35,000- 39,000 feet.

Wal-Mart and Amazon are the other giant retailer companies in the race seeking the FAA's approval to test drones for commercial purposes.

It is believed that the Federal Administrative Agency is still reviewing the process for forming regulations around the commercial use of drones in the US airspace, Reuters reported.

Last month, Wal-Mart applied to the US regulators to test drones for home delivery of products. The company said it wanted to test drones for other purposes such as efficiently managing the warehouse and taking inventories in addition to door-step delivery.

Amazon, on the other hand, had detailed the company's plans to use drones to deliver goods. Within 30 minutes of an order being placed, the unmanned robot, also called drone, could ferry 2.3 kg of goods to customers, a BBC report stated.

Watch the video in which Google reveals their drone delivery programme 'Project Wing':