Google has introduced new search features to let US citizens to be "informed before heading to the polls". The news comes just a day before the GOP debate in Des Moines, Iowa, for which Google has partnered with Fox News.

Netizens tend to search about the US presidential candidates more just ahead of such debates. Google, in its blog post, noted that it will introduce three components – a way to hear directly from candidates on Google, real-time Google Trends data and questions from some prominent voices on YouTube. People will be able to "hear directly from candidates themselves, in real-time—right in Google Search results".

Google believes that this will let the voters make "informed choices" by creating a forum where the candidates can share their ideas and opinions on issues not discussed in the debates.

The users can search with the keyword "Fox News debate" to find relevant responses. Google will also make use of Google Trends and share several questions about key issues, trending terms and so on.

The search giant will publish long-form text, photos and videos when the debate takes place and the campaign members can give extended responses to the questions that were not answered on the stage.

Prominent YouTube users will be joining the debate to ask questions and this might lead to "personal and powerful interactions" between candidates and voters.

The GOP debate will start at 7 p.m. ET on 28 January, while the prime time debate starts at 9 p.m. ET.