Internet usage may increase by many folds in India as Google Inc will offer free websites to small and medium businesses in India. The internet search engine giant has taken up the move to boost Internet usage in Asia's third-largest economy. It also aims at getting half a million Indian businesses online in the next three years.

India has 870 million mobile phone users, making it the world's second-biggest mobile phone market but internet usage is still very low with just 100

 million users. Google said that about 400,000 of the 8 million small and medium businesses have their own websites and about 100,000 are active online. The search engine giant sees e-commerce boom in India in a few years.

Google and its partner web hosting firm HostGator will not only facilitate free web domain names for Indian business firms and but also maintain the websites for a year without charging any fee. However, the users have to pay a nominal charge by the end of the year if they want to renew their domain name.

Free websites: Google