Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

Google is reportedly working very hard on an all-new proprietary Google Maps application for iOS 6, and according to mobile developer Ben Guild, the native application is currently in Alpha.


Search engine giant Google has posted a few tips on how to efficiently operate the Google Maps app for iPhone users.

10 Tips to improve the user experience of the Google Maps app in your iPhone

Tip 1: Users can place a pin on the map by just pressing and holding a location on the map to add or retrieve information of the location. Users have to tap the info sheet for additional options to save the location.

Tip 2: In order access panoramic Street View images, users simply press and hold any location on the map, tap the info sheet to view place information, and tap the image for Street View imagery. (Street View imagery is available only in select cities across the world).

Tip 3: Users can also involve themselves to improve the Google Maps database; iPhone users can just shake their handset and add information such as real-time traffic update or add information to the place.

Tip 4: Swipe right or left to browse additional results such as transit stops or business hours from the info sheets.

Tip 5: When browsing through the Google Maps app to find transit data, users can just tap the three dots present at the bottom right of the iPhone screen or swipe right to left to access the satellite, traffic and public transit views.

Tip 6: Navigation (Beta) mode helps iPhone users to preview their routes by just swiping the top bar to left. They can also tap the bottom bar to switch between estimated travel time and remaining miles status.

Tip 7: iPhone users can zoom in and zoom out of the map by double tapping the location just by using a finger.

Tip 8: Users can save personal location data in Google Maps by just tapping the 'My Profile' icon. The option allows users to enter home address and work address information.

Tip 9: Adventurous iPhone users can switch to Compass Mode by tapping twice on the 'My Location' button to help users acclimatize themselves to navigate through a place.

Tip 10: User can save and share their favourite hang out place, shopping destinations on their Google Maps app. Users have to first open an account in Google Maps for iOS. They can then share and add information in to the maps database.

iPhone users may take time to get a hang of the tips provided by Google. But after considering the trouble Apple's in-house built Maps app had posed, users are likely to to be satisfied using the Google version .