Nexus 7 tablet demonstrated during a Google event at San Francisco, 2013
The new Nexus 7 tablet is demonstrated during a Google event at Dogpatch Studio in San Francisco, California, July 24, 2013.Reuters

New concept images and rumoured specifications of Google Nexus 12 tablet have surfaced online, giving users a vague idea on how the device will look like.

One of the Android fans has rendered a concept image on DeviantArt, explaining how the proposed tablet can look like, running the latest Android Kitkat OS.

Some of the possible specifications of the device have also surfaced:

- A 12in capacitive touch screen, with 5120 x 3200 resolution and 503 ppi pixel density.

- 4GB RAM (Expandable to 6GB)

- A 2.6GHz quad-core Snapdragon 1000 processor

- Running on Android 4.5 Kikat OS

- 3 megapixel front camera

- 13 megapixel rear camera which can shoot up to 4K resolution videos

- 5 powerful neodymium magnet speakers on either side.

- Multi-bootable with Windows RT and Chrome OS.

- Includes 4G LTE-ready chips

With the latest Snapdragon 800 processor, the latest variant of the Kitkat OS and the new 4K resolution, which is still being under testing phases, the Nexus 12 tablet is definitely not anywhere near its launch.

Android Authority, along with the concept image, has even speculated some possible prices for the high-end device.

-£200 ($318 approx.) for 32GB (LTE-enabled)

-£280 ($446 approx.) for 64GB (LTE-enabled)

-£360 ($573 approx.) for 128GB (LTE-enabled)

Since every bit of it is pure speculation, one has to wait to find out if any of these details turn out to be true.